Overcoming Self-Doubt in Retirement: How to Break Free from Your Unhealthy Ego
By Scott Gese

Living your life, including retirement takes a certain amount of self-confidence. Are you willing to let go of the work life you’ve been living for close to forty-five years? Are you holding back on your retirement because you’re self-conscious, have little self-confidence, A lot of self-doubt  or are afraid of failure? Are you afraid of what others might think of you? Are you letting your ego get in the way of what you really want from life?

Are you living your lifeLukasbieri / Pixabay

Are you living your live concerned about what others might think?

Are you concerned about how they might feel about you retiring or what your plans are after you do? That’s your unhealthy ego playing games with your mind. (Your ego and subconscious mind are closely related) Don’t let it keep you from being the best you can be.

You’re here on this planet to live your life to its fullest potential. Not taking your retirement when you want or doing what you want after you retire because you're worried about what someone else might think isn’t in your best interest. It shows a lack of self-confidence and a high amount of self-doubt.

If you’re not mindful of your unhealthy ego, it can cause you to think yourself into a confined space. If you carry around a high amount of self-doubt. If you worry about what others think or say about you or your decisions, if you fear failure, that’s your unhealthy ego playing hardball with your head. It’s compromising your potential. 

If you realize this, congratulations. Now you need to break out of it. This way of thinking is holding you back from the successful retirement lifestyle that belongs to you. Don’t let your unhealthy ego convince you that living your life according to how other people think you should live it is a good thing. It's not.

Do you need an ego?

Yes, you need to have an ego. It’s your ego that holds your thoughts and beliefs. It’s also where your memories and emotions reside. It helps guide your decisions and your behavior. These are the things you project to the outside world.

Your ego created your identity and projects your personality to others. It can be your friend or your foe.

If your identity is one of being self absorbed, insecure and always worried about the way other people perceive you or your life; If you feel threatened by others who don’t happen to agree with you, then your ego is not your friend.

It, and your subconscious mind are putting up false roadblocks using unhealthy thoughts and beliefs to guide you. It’s holding you back from achieving your full potential and living your life to its fullest.

Your ego may not be your friend, but it’s not your enemy either.

There are those who say you need to slay your ego. I don’t agree. I believe what you need to do is become more mindful of your thoughts and be less judgmental of yourself.

Pull back the throttle on the negative side of your ego by changing the way you think and what you believe to be true concerning you and your retirement.

You need to bring your ego into a more healthy balance with your positive side. Your ego is not your enemy as long as you can keep it on an even keel. You can do this by loving yourself, loving what you do and not taking yourself too seriously. Face it, you’re not perfect. Nobody is.

Do what you want because you want to do it.

You need to be more self-confident. Don't worry about what others might think or say. Those worries bring on self-doubt which can paralyze your well laid plans.  

Can you imagine what life would be like if some of the most influential people of this world held back. Do you think the worlds greatest explorers, writers, artists or designers didn’t get lost or put out a piece of shit every once in a while?

You know they did. Do you think they were never ridiculed or criticized? You can bet they were. Did they let it stop them? Did they lose their self-confidence? No they didn’t. They went on to become great successes in their chosen field.

You shouldn’t let self-doubt or negative feedback stop you either. Stop living your life according to how you think other people might feel about what you do or how you live your life after you retire.

Your ego is making up a story and you’re believing it. It thinks it needs to protect you. From what? A made up story? False beliefs? You need to put that sucker in its place.

Sometimes your decisions may not turn out to be exactly what you would have liked. At least you tried. You gave it a shot. Don't let your ego tell you no even before you take that first step.

Don’t ever base what you intend to do solely on the opinions of others. 

Your decisions are yours to make. You might believe others will think you made the wrong decision. But that’s you living your life according to what you believe others will think. That's a high level of self-doubt and a low lever of self-confidence. If that's the way you live life, you’re living their life, not yours.

As long as you make your best decision at the time, let others think what they want. Don't let other peoples opinions make your decisions for you.

What do you believe would happen if you moved your unhealthy ego out of the way? If you decided to not hold back? Didn't live your life or your Successful Retirement Lifestyle according to what you believe others might think of you? It would be an amazing life, wouldn't it.

Living your life and your retirement needs to be on your terms, not on someone else's. Remember, it's your life, not theirs.

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