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Reading informative articles about retirement is certainly important. But sometimes you just need to take a break. Relax and read a short story or two. There are over forty separate genres under the fiction category. You'll find a general assortment of stories under each of the few I have listed here. It's pure entertainment and most, but not all are under 2000 words.

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story-Moon Dance

Romance and Relationships

Love, Hate, Friendships and more



It's everywhere and not hard to find.

story-the skin walkerLucas Neasi/Unsplash


Lurking where you least expect it

story-top gun implosionUpsplash/NASA

Science Fiction

A little time travel. A little space travel and a little more

story-the decisionImage source: Pixabay


Traditional and contemporary

(but mostly traditional)

dystopian cityBillyTheButchersAI/DeviantArt


Fictional stories set of future societies where life and social structures are in calamitous decline.

story-leo and cleo betrayedImage source: Piqsels

The Grab Bag

It's a mix of people, places and things... including animals

series-google imagesGoogle Images


Short stories with multiple chapters and multiple stories written around the same main character.

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the coast rail challengeRon Graham-Becker/Pexels

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