Lack of motivation is a contributing factor to the downfall of many a retired person. It starts with your retirement planning process. Most people don't plan to keep themselves motivated. Hopefully the following articles will help you with your lack of motivation. You can do this.

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Unlocking Creative Potential: Embracing Fulfillment in Retirement

Retirement should be a wonderful time for seniors and for many it is. For others, retirement can seem like a bad choice. Why would that be?

Six Ways to Improve Your Imagination and Improve Your Retirement Experience

Embrace the joy of a retirement filled with activities fueled by an active imagination. If you do this you'll have a solid guarantee that your retirement will never be boring.

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Part One of Two
Mastering Mental Well-being in Retirement:
Navigating the Seas of Change

As you stand on the cusp of a significant life transition, retirement beckons as both a culmination of a job well done and a commencement of a life lived well. A shift from the structured routine of a full-time career to the uncharted waters of leisure, self-discovery, and fulfillment.

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What Do You Believe?

Do you believe you have the ability to succeed in whatever you do? A positive attitude is crucial to your success.

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Will Your Personality Allow You to Succeed (In Life and Retirement)

These six personality traits that will help you succeed in retirement and in life. Plus one that will cause you to fail.

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Change Your Life: The Power of Focused Mental Rehearsal

How does Focused Mental Rehearsal help you change your life?

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If You Change Your Way of Thinking, It Will Change Your Way of Life

My new perspective of the way things are has set me free to be who I really am. and set me up for a Successful Retirement

When I was a kid, I did the typical kid stuff. I went to school, played with my friends, watched television and read books and magazines.

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Creating Your Own Path: Learn to Ignore Dream Wreckers and Doubters                     

Today's dream becomes tomorrows reality.

Thoughts (and dreams) backed by an elevated emotion become your habits. Your habits soon become the circumstances of your life.

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The Power and Pitfalls of Being Yourself

We all live in a world of our own making. Our upbringing, education and spiritual beliefs; As well as the people we associate with, and the media we subject ourselves to, all contribute to making each one of us uniquely different.   

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Success and Motivation in Retirement

To say you want something doesn’t make it so. It takes real effort to succeed. This includes being motivated. How do you get it and how do you keep it?   

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