Costa Rica
By Scott Gese

Each year millions of people around the world armchair travel their way through Mexico and the countries that make up Central America. Costa Rica may not even be on their short list.

Tierra Pacifica Costa RicaTierra Pacifica Costa Rica

Google and YouTube are the first tools most people turn to as they search for that perfect Mexican or Central American vacation. They are looking for answers to some of the more common questions such as:

  • What is the climate like during the time I’m thinking of going?
  • What type of tourist activities are there?
  • Is the water safe to drink?
  • What is the crime rate?
  • Do I need to be concerned for my safety and the safety of my family?
  • Are the people friendly?
  • How politically stable is the country?

When my wife and I took our first trip south, we looked closely at six locations. Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica made our short list. From here we dove a little deeper. Our research took us to the one place that best fit what we were looking for.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica BeachCosta Rica Beach

Costa Rica has so many diverse and interesting places worth seeing. There’s the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean coast. The eternal Spring climate of the Central Valley and the well known Arenal volcano. There are also world class surf beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific coast.

As you work out your itinerary, be mindful of the fact you wont be able to visit all of these wonderfully intriguing destinations if your time is too short. Stay focused on what you feel will give you the highest quality vacation possible. We were drawn toward the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. You might be drawn to another area of the country. No matter where you decide, you can't go wrong. It's all beautiful.

The Nicoya Peninsula is considered by Quest Network to be one of the 'blue zones' of the world. Here people commonly live active lives past the age of 100 years.

This area of Costa Rica is richly diversified between rural communities, small towns and larger cities. The Northern Guanacast province is the home of large cattle ranching operations. The city of Liberia hosts a modern international airport. Updated highways make it easy to reach popular tourist destinations like Tamarindo and Playa Langosta.

Parks and nature reserves can be found throughout the province.

As far as finding a place to stay, you have your choice. There are relatively inexpensive places to stay no matter where you choose to plant your feet. We were looking for something a little off the beaten path. But not too far off. With a little due diligence we discovered the perfect place. A gated development of nice homes and a few condominiums for rent. It’s called Tierra Pacifica.

Costa Rica Tierra Pacifica CondoCosta Rica Tierra Pacifica Condo

This modern getaway is perfectly situated a few miles South of Tamarindo. The area is rich in tropical flora. Large iguana roam the area and howler monkeys can be seen and heard among a thick canopy of tropical vegetation.

From Tierra Pacifica you can easily make the short trip north to the bustling surf town of Tamarindo. There are also a number of available adventure tours found nearby.

Costa Rica Lola's Beach BarCosta Rica Lola's Beach Bar

If you decide to relax away from the crowds, you can stroll along a secluded stretch of beach called Junquillal.

On this quiet beach you can bury our toes in soft warm sand and enjoy the beauty of a tropical Costa Rican sunset.

Our first vacation to Costa Rica was perfect. Yours can be too.

My Advice

Costa Rica SunsetCosta Rica Sunset

Researching your destination beforehand is a critical step toward your very own perfect vacation. There are dozens of websites brimming with information on this tropical paradise.

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