Short Story Fiction
Grab Bag

There's nothing like a good short story to get your mind to relax and forget about the worries of the day. We all need a break at times. This section of Short Story Fiction I'm calling the Grab Bag. It's a mix of genre's I couldn't find a home for. These may be just what you're looking for. 

the coast rail challengeRon Graham-Becker/Pexels

The Coast Rail Challenge

He wanted his new book to be authentic. The coast rail challenge would assure it was.

the bitch is backTima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

The Bitch is Back

She planned on getting to the top and nothing would get in her way… or so she thought.

SantaImage Source/Piqsels

The Substitute Santa

Santa is out of commission. Someone needs to step up to the sleigh and make Christmas happen.

Jenkins HouseClayton Bunn/Pexels

The Jenkins House... Almost

The homes new owners discover the neighbors don’t like them. Their reason made no sense, so the new homeowners decide to give them a better one.

The Black Mamba'sWikimedia/Hendrik Van Den Berg

The Black Mamba's

They were one of the most deadliest snakes in the world and they were loose in the house.

Popsicle ToesJonathan Petersson/Pexels

Popsicle Toes

Two young boys head toward their favorite skating rink on a cold winters day.

Arizona SundownDarryl Brian/Unsplash

Arizona Sundown

He knew his days in this life were running short. It was time to relax and enjoy the moment.

Johnson and Johnston (With a T)NCI/Unsplash

Johnson and Johnston (With a T)

Their almost identical names were a recipe for disaster. The disaster was about to commence.

shaving with my dadSupply/Unsplash

Shaving With My Dad

Finding my dads old razor brought back some long forgotten childhood memories.

jars of windIan Mackenzie/Wikimedia Commons

Jars of wind

He was a budding entrepreneur with a plan. His brother thought he was a little crazy.



An early morning snorkeling adventure was more than he had bargained for when he found himself caught in a deadly riptide.

The End of Harvey AndersonPhoto by Donations are Appreciated/Pixabay

The End of Harvey Anderson

He was a rock star. A freak accident ended his career. Harvey Anderson needed to reinvent himself.

bail-in dress rehearsalPudsey/Wikimedia Commons

Bail-In Dress Rehearsal

It was Friday afternoon. The ATM was offline and the bank had closed early. He needed money for the weekend but there was no way to get at it.

a close callKrystel Hayes/Unsplash

A Close Call

His boat was adrift in the Pacific. It was heading for the jagged rocks of a deserted atoll. Time was not on his side.

buster's comebacktom Garritty/Unsplash

Buster's Comeback

A case of animal abuse. A dog can be one of the best companions a person could ever have. Loyal, loving and playful to the extreme.

This is why I’m always so heartbroken when I see a case like Buster come through the doors of the local animal rescue shelter.

They don't fear us...Mikhale Bakunin/Wikimedia Commons

They Don't Fear Us... But They Should

The citizens were lied to and they believed it. When they finally figured it out, they were pissed off enough to make things right.

It was a small Midwest town called Wayton. It was a fiercely independent town. It had always marched to the beat of its own drummer. Even when much larger towns in the vicinity tried to push their views, their agenda or their politics on them, they didn’t stand for it. Generally, people left them alone. 

World Class TravelersDavid Straight/Unsplash

World Class Travelers

A unique way of budget traveling kept these two on the go for years.

Their adventures took them to many exotic places like the middle East, the Far East, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America. They even made it a point to travel through all fifty American states.

Money-The GiftJohn Goccione / Pexels

The Gift

He thought the gift was a joke. He never knew how wrong he was.

His uncle had named him in his will as a recipient of a significant sum of money. He had come to collect.

story-leo and cleo betrayedCats Leo and Cleo/Image Source/Piqsels

Leo and Cleo: Betrayed 

Leo the cat thought he had it made, but then Cleo showed up. 

It happened suddenly. Without a hint, warning or prior notice, Leo was no longer the focus of attention. There was a new kid in the house and Leo was not happy.

story-a hunters dream imageNick Fewings/Unsplash

A Hunter's Dream

He went looking for elk but found something unexpected. Something that would change his life forever.

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