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Leo and Cleo Stories

The day to day adventures and misadventures of two cats named Leo and Cleo and their friends.

story-leo and cleo betrayedMeet Leo and Cleo/Image Source/Piqsels

Leo and Cleo: Betrayed

Leo the cat thought he had it made, but then Cleo showed up. Suddenly, without a hint, warning or prior notice, Leo was no longer the focus of attention. There was a new kid in the house and Leo was not happy.

Rita Leo's Bad Day

Leo and Cleo: Leo's Bad Day

Rita, the woman that lives with Leo and Cleo, was trying to re-pot a houseplant Leo had knocked off the windowsill. Leo and Cleo were getting underfoot around Rita, making it difficult for her to get anything done.

As usual, they wanted her undivided attention.

BrutusMeet “Brutus” Image source: cromaconceptovisual/Pixabay

Leo and Cleo: Leo on the Lam

Leo hides out after scratching the woman who lives with Brutus.
Brutus hunts him down.

Leo the cat was relaxing on the lap of Rita, the person who lives with him. He was about to doze off when his leisure time was rudely interrupted by a knock at the door.

Leo and Cleo, GuntherMeet “Gunther” Image source: Zhdana Lyuleva/Unsplash

Leo and Cleo: A Stranger on the Prowl

A strange cat tries to move in on the neighborhood hunting ground, but meets with heavy resistance.

As he sat quietly he heard a rustling in the grass not too far from him. Gunther perked up his ears. It sounded much bigger than a mouse. He sniffed the air. It smelled like a cat, but not one he knew. This was a stranger.

Leo and Cleo: A New Dog on the BlockImage source/Piqsels

Leo and Cleo: A New Dog on the Block

A new dog moves in across the street. Brutus takes care of the “problem”.

They couldn’t believe their eyes. In the back of the truck was a DOG! The man opened the tailgate and let the dog out. It ran around the yard smelling and peeing on all the bushes.

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