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Short story fiction-An impossible recoveryimage source/NASA

There's nothing like a good short story to get your mind to relax and forget about the worries of the day. We all need a break at times. This section of Science Fiction is not rigid. It does vary a little but just the same, it may be just what you're looking for. 

top gun implosionUnsplash/NASA

Top Gun Implosion

A three year stint on the International Space Station proved to be too much for one of NASA’s top guns. 

when the futureImage source/Unsplash

When the Future Needs the Past

A time traveler from the future needs help from someone in the past in order to protect a project he’s working on.

Imagining World War Three image

Imagining World War Three

A young boys active imagination seems all too real.

Kyle Emery was a typical fourteen year old boy except for the fact that he had an over-active imagination. He lived in an older Victorian style home in the middle of Nebraska. The home came with a fallout shelter buried in the back yard. A remnant of the 1960’s cold war era.

A French Connection image

A French Connection

It was a clandestine meeting destined to make both men rich.

His Paris client was well connected to the French banking system. The information would be put to good use in the banks investment strategy portfolio. It would guarantee them a multi-billion dollar profit within a few short years.

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