Short Story Fiction
The Bitch is Back
Scott A. Gese

She planned on getting to the top and nothing would get in her way… or so she thought.

the bitch is backTima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

The second floor bank of windows overlooked the factory floor. This was a birds-eye view of Venco Inc.’s manufacturing operation.

Megan Shotsworth stood in her office looking down upon the busy workers. If she had any awareness about her, she would have been able to feel the negative tension rising up to meet her gaze. But she wasn’t that aware. She didn’t want to be. Even so, she wasn’t totally clueless. She knew there was a general dislike for her by the workers below. What she didn’t understand was that it was more than a general dislike. It was much more than that. It was downright hatred and it was unanimous among those she gazed down upon.

She was hired on as one of the floor workers. From day one she was licking the boots of her boss. Doing whatever she felt was necessary to move up the chain of command. She reported any and all infractions. No one was safe around her. It was during this time she earned the nickname “The Bitch”. No one liked her.

Megan Shotsworth didn’t give a shit about what other people thought of her. Her only concern was for herself.

She moved into the Foreman position the easy way. By carrying on an affair with a man named Max. He was the operations manager. Sex was her tool of choice and blackmail was her weapon. Max was married. Megan flirted and then seduced him into what he thought was a one night stand. He thought it would be quickly forgotten. He was wrong. The affair was all she needed to leverage her way up the ladder to more power and higher pay. She convinced Max to move her into the foreman’s position. The foreman she replaced was named Freddy. He was moved back to a floor position using the excuse of some petty infraction Megan had come forward with. The rumors of how she got the position were rampant. Freddy was pissed and vowed to get even.

As Foreman, she rode her coworkers hard. Any small infraction was an automatic warning. Taking a few extra minutes for lunch or extending a break and she was on your back with a written warning. If you talked back, she wrote you up for insubordination. She had several people fired and several more put on probation. Within a one year period she became the most hated employee to ever work for Venco.

Her position gave her more access to the suits who worked in the front office. She took advantage of the situation and became friendly with her boss. His name was Dan. He was the director of operations. She used her favorite tool to work her way into his pants. It took a few attempts but soon she had what she needed on him. When she felt confident enough to blackmail him, she did.

Dan was blindsided. He didn’t see it coming and easily gave in to her demands. She wanted an upper level management position. The demand was an impossibility. He convinced her to settle for a lower level position. But only if she took a four month paid leave to train for it. When she returned he would put her into a management position. It was the only way it would work and she agreed to it.

She left without advanced notice to the employees. Once they realized she was gone they all celebrated. Many thought she had been fired. There work lives had finally become a little more relaxed.

Several months after Megan had started her leave, Dan and his wife divorced. The breakup forced him to rethink his life. He decided to take an early retirement.

As soon as Megan returned he turned in his resignation but before he left he planned to take care of that “Blackmailing Bitch” as he referred to her.

Megan Shotsworth was now the new floor manager. She stood in front of the large windows in her office and looked down at the minions working in her new domain. She wanted everyone on the floor to see her. To know she was in charge. Word got around quickly. The bitch is back was the topic of conversation among the workers.

Megan planned to make herself look good even if it meant making the lives of her underlings a living hell. She started by setting up a meeting with the floor crew for the following morning. She had a few new rules she wanted to put in place.

The meeting didn’t go well for Megan. The floor workers were not happy with her new rules and several threatened to quit. They complained to Dan about what she was up to. Moral was at a low point. Several employees did indeed quit and Megan was having a hard time replacing them. It was affecting the companies ability to complete orders.

Two days before Dan left he called a company meeting. It was short and sweet. His first move was to promoted Freddy and Max. He then called Megan up front and in front of all the employees he fired her. There was a rousing cheer as security escorted her out of the room and out of the building. It may not have been the proper way to go about doing what he did but he felt the employees deserved to witness the event… and Megan deserved to be humiliated. Besides, he was leaving. He didn’t really care about what his superiors thought.

Megan made several threats on her way out. Nobody gave them a second thought, especially Dan. He went home and packed. He was heading for his new retirement home in Costa Rica.

© Copyright 2024 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

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