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The Travelers
Part Five: The Council Gives Seth Their Answer 

Once back at Council Hall Cara turned in her report. Seth was called before the council. Now he would have his answer. Would he become a traveler or not?

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Cara and Seth reappeared just outside of New York City in the year 2045. No one was around. “That was close,” commented Cara. “But damned exciting, don’t you think?”

Seth was pumped. “I loved it. Now what?”

“Now we get rid of this hot potato.”

They walked until they found a cab and caught a ride to the address they needed. It was a posh high rise apartment building. The package was to be delivered to the top floor penthouse suite. They gave the number to the security guard sitting at a desk in the lobby. “We have an appointment. It’s under Traveler, Cara Traveler. The guard made a call and then had a second guard escort them to a private elevator. He unlocked it and they all stepped in. Once on the top floor the doors opened. A well groomed man in an expensive suit stood in front of the door. “You have a package for me, DWS.”

Cara pulled the package from her pocket. She showed him the DWS initials as she handed it to the man. He took it, turned his back to them and walked away.

The guard closed the doors and took them back down to the lobby. As they were about to leave the building Seth spotted a coffee shop. “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“I’d love one,” replied Cara.

The two took a booth and talked about the experience.

“Like I told you earlier, normally I’d either not pick up my package right away and enjoy where I was or I would spend some time wherever I was once I dropped off the package. This time we need to get back to the council. I’ll turn in my report and hopefully you’ll get the council’s blessing.”

“A report? Do you always turn in a report?”

“Yes, here’s how it works for me. On the first of each month I receive a notice from the council. I must respond within twenty-four hours. You do this by reporting to the council hall. You’ll be met and you’ll be given an assignment. You have thirty days to complete it, return to the Council Hall and fill out a report.”

“So exactly where is the Council Hall?”

“No one knows the year or the location. It’s a direct connection on your device.

Before we go I’ll tell you how I put money into my account. It’s simple. When you get back to your start year, buy an ounce or two of gold. Take it with you when you travel. In the future. Depending on how far you go it can be worth up to fifty thousand an ounce. Cash it in just before you leave. When you get back to the Council Hall give the cash to the desk. They’ll deposit it into your account.”

“Gold is worth $50K an ounce?”

“Depending on how far forward you go. That’s the most I’ve seen it at. It’s pretty much all I do for cash. I stay away from the lottery. It’s too much money. I’ve heard of others doing it. The council will come down hard on you for it. Like I told you earlier, there are a thousand and one ways to add to your account. use your imagination and you’ll do just fine. Don’t get greedy. One or two ounces at a time is all you need. That’s about it. Are you ready to go?”

“I guess so.”

“I’ll walk into the women’s restroom. Wait by the door. When it’s clear I’ll grab you and we’ll be on our way.”


Once back at Council Hall Cara turned in her report. Seth was called before the council.

“According to the report we have from Cara you proved yourself worthy of becoming a traveler. We also kept a close eye on you. The council is in agreement that you have proven yourself to be traveler material and will grant Cara her recommendation of sponsorship. You will be issued and briefed on how to use a device once we adjourn. Just before receiving your first assignment you’ll need to be here for one week at which time you will be briefed on protocols and expectations. Do you agree?”

“Yes sir. I agree,” replied Seth.

“Good. Consider yourself a fellow traveler.”

The council adjourned and left the chamber.

Seth walked out of the hall. Cara was waiting. “Well?”

Seth gave Cara a long hug. “I’m now a fellow traveler. Thank you. Thank you for all the help you gave me and for sponsoring me in the first place.”

“It was my pleasure. We’ll be seeing each other again.”

“I’m sure we will. Before you go I have one more question. When we bumped into each other I was lost. I’m still lost. How can I find my car?”

Cara smiled. “I know where it is.” She wrote down the coordinates and handed them to Seth. “See you somewhere in time.” Cara punched a couple of buttons on her device and lit up the room. When the light disappeared she was gone. Seth was now on his own.

The End

More Traveler Stories Coming Soon

© Copyright 2023 by Scott A. Gese All Rights Reserved.

The Travelers Continued

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