Short Story Fiction

There's nothing like a good short story to get your mind to relax and forget about the worries of the day. We all need a break at times. This section of Short Story Fiction Western may be just what you're looking for. 

Cold BeerEldon Akyurt/Unsplash

The Cold Beer and Hot Sausage Saloon

It was a family business looking to expand. Colorado turned out to be the perfect location.

Gold FeverInternet Archive

Gold Fever

The grip of gold fever can bring out the worst in a man. Jim Jenkins was no exception.

picks' follyMikeGoad/Pixabay

Picks' Folly

A jail-break gone bad.

Sheriff John Stone stepped out from the cool shade of his office into the heat of the noonday sun. Reaching his fingers into the small watch pocket of his vest he deftly fished out a wooden match...

Arizona KidArizona Canyon/Pixabay

The Arizona Kid

He headed west to find fortune and adventure. He found both, but not in the way he had expected.

the whiskey dilemmaDazu59/Pixabay

The Whiskey Dilemma

He had it made until he lost it all in a sudden twist of fate. The bottle won’t let him remember. His conscience won’t let him forget.

The DroversJohn Kakuk/Unsplash

The Drovers

A young cowboy finds himself in a predicament during a night out at the local saloon. The town menace has singled him out. Now there's a decision to be made.

The Death of Calvin DandyAnna Louise/Pexels

The Death of Calvin Dandy

Some people handle the death of a loved one with strength and courage. Others crack under the emotional strain. Calvin Dandy was not one of the strong ones.

The Lone OakK.R. Craft/Pixabay

The Lone Oak

He was suppose to protect the gold, not steal it. But the temptation was too great and the opportunity too easy… or so he thought.

HellfireErik-Jan Leusink/Unsplash


He owned a horse that couldn’t be broke. After attacking one of the hired hands, a decision had to be made. Release him or put him down.

The Last RideFotorieth/Pixabay

The Last Ride

A young man anguishes over the future of the horse he has come to love.

Silas Penny JusticeLibrary of Congress

Silas Penny and the Righteous Hand of Judgment

He may have escaped the rope, but justice would not be denied.

the wealth of heavenTomas Anun/Pexels

The Wealth of Heaven

Greed and murder was the incentive for revenge. The plan bore the unmistakable markings of his deceased father. They were two of a kind.

The Outlaw buck HadleyRodane Productions/Pexels

The Outlaw Buck Hadley

They say love is blind. A young man’s jealousy almost gets him killed. The man who did it is on the run.

the vixenAli Pazani/Pexels

The Vixen

The town thought they had buried him. Only two people knew the truth and they weren’t talking.

The Hound of Harley countySheriff Frank McCaid in his younger days/Library of Congress

The Hound of Harley County

A story told by an old man as he relives a chapter of his youth.

witness to a deathWikimedia Commons

Witness to a Death

An old man relates the tale of a murder he witnessed as a young boy.

boarding house, the three amigosLibrary of Congress

The Three Amigos and the Gold of Santos

After many years Santos remembered where he hid the gold. Finding it wasn’t so easy.

They had all gathered together for one last time. Robbers, thieves and killers of days gone by.

Murder JustifiedLibrary of Congress

Murder Justified

She didn’t realize who murdered her husband. When she found out there was hell to pay.

Freedom Fighter imagesjb 3949/Pixabay

Freedom Fighter

He was disguised as a ordinary gambler but he was playing a more dangerous game.

As he brushed on past the stranger he noticed he wasn’t wearing a gun.

“Probably had to sell it to support his habit,” he thought as he made his way up to the bar. Hascal didn’t give him a second thought. He didn’t look to be much of a danger to anyone but himself.

Hotel Meade imageJDBlack/Pixabay

The Final Clue

The story took ten years to complete. Ten hidden clues would lead at least one person to wealth and riches.

Piano Man imageIan Dooley/Unsplash

Piano Man

A saloon, a big breasted woman and a drunk. It was a deadly combination.

story dark night of the soul imageImage Source/Pixabay

Dark Night of the Soul

He blamed the town. Tonight, the town would pay.

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