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How Your Emotions Affect Your Energy Field, Your Health and Your Retirement
Scott A. Gese

We are energetic beings. Our bodies broadcast an energy field that can be picked up by others. Positive energy will help to keep you healthy. A negative field can make you sick.

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Your retirement should be a happy and healthy time in your life. Here’s how you can help to make that happen.

Have you ever been introduced to someone and instantly knew you either liked or disliked the person?

Maybe you’ve made a comment like, “That person’s giving me bad vibes.”

That’s energy at work and you’re picking up on it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “You are what you eat.” The physical health of your body and your immune system is dependent on what you put into it. Staying healthy during your retirement years should be your number one priority.

Along those same lines I would say “You are what you think.” Your mental health, (and your world view for that matter) is directly connected to your thoughts. Over time, those moment by moment thoughts have a huge influence on your energy field and the state of your mental health.

Your Bodies Energy Field

Each human body is made up of Trillions of cells. Each second of every day it replaces 180,000 of these cells. Yes, every second. They are created and immersed in the energy field of your body.

This is important to know, because the fact is your cells have no choice. They come into being into whatever energy field you are projecting at that time. You have control over this field. You decide if these new cells are created into a field of love, hate, fear, stress, worry, anger, gratitude or whatever emotion you may be experiencing at any given moment. What you think or dwell upon is your choice.

Can your energy field be influenced by others?

Yes. Indirectly. But only if you allow it. If you are put into a situation that causes you to be emotionally stressed, your new cells take on the energy field of stress. If you are around others who are also stressed, your energy fields overlap and you begin to synergistically feed off each other. Over time, mental stress will develop into unhealthy physical symptoms. The same is true for any other emotional state of mind. Positive emotions promote healthy cells. Remember, any situation you find yourself in will affect your state of mind, which effects your energy field, which effects the new cells your body is continuously producing, which effects your health and ultimately effects your retirement. The good news is, you get to choose your state of mind. Nobody does that for you.

As an example, let’s take a look at the current world situation (in 2020).

On a daily basis world media outlets are bombarding humans with bad news. Lock downs, quarantines, unemployment, masks, economic turmoil and rioting along with restrictions on travel, group gatherings, social distancing and the threat of possible death. It’s all creating a world filled with fear, worry, anxiety and stress.

Currently there are few alternative release mechanisms. Going to a movie or a sporting event in order to relax and take your mind off of your worries is out of the question. Gathering at your local church or synagogue is not allowed. Taking a vacation out of the country is all but impossible.

Unable to completely release these negative emotions, people become overloaded. Their current release valve for this pent up energy might be to lash out either verbally or physically. Personal opinions are beginning to develop into physical clashes.

If you’ve relied on one of the currently banned activities in the past, you’ll need to find an alternative. Go for a country drive. Take a walk in nature. Exercise or meditate. Find something that relaxes and puts you in a more positive, joyful or grateful state of mind. Your good health depends on it.

What in the world are we becoming?

If love, joy, gratitude, along with most other positive emotions are removed from society and we are constantly fed a mental diet of negative emotions with no way to release them, those 180,000 cells your body produces every second of the day and night are entering into a negative mental state and an increasingly negative energetic field. Being around others with the same negative, fearful, worried or anxious outlook on life only compounds the situation. After a few weeks those cells born into this toxic environment begin to outnumber the rest. The longer you stay in this negative emotional state, the harder it will be to overcome it.

What can you do about it?

As I stated earlier, You are what you think. My first suggestion would be to turn off the main stream media. It only fuels the fire of negative emotions.

Meditate or think on positive thoughts for as long as possible throughout each day. This will get easier over time.

Meet in small groups or with another like minded person and share a positive, stress free environment.

Speak out in love for positive change. Help someone in need. Be grateful.

Staying positive creates positive cells and builds a healthy energy field. Be a positive influence to others and do whatever you can to overcome the negative situation you might currently find yourself in.

Each of us has the power to change our energy field. Let the power of your positive light shine out and influence others to do the same.

This is a time in our countries history like no other. Things have changed drastically and quickly. Will things get back to normal? Not the old normal.

If you feel there’s a cloud of negative energy hanging over your head, you can work to overcome it and help turn things around. Work on yourself first. You are more than you might realize. You can do it one second at a time.

To your Successful Retirement.

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