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There's nothing like a good short story to get your mind to relax and forget about the worries of the day. We all need a break at times. This section of Short Story Fiction Mystery may be just what you're looking for. 

the boxCreative Commons

The Box

It was a plain brown package and it was a mystery. One that was best left unsolved.

fallen angelAnthony-Majanlahti/Wikimedia Commons

Fallen Angel

If there are battles in heaven, angels die. This one fell to earth.

the underwood storyImage Source/Piqsels

The Underwood Story

It was said this old Underwood typewriter once belonged to a famous author. Apparently it still does.

the mysterious phone callpixabay

The Mysterious Phone Call

It came from beyond the grave. She thought it was a prank call. Turns out she was wrong.

story-the skin walkerLucas Neasi/Unsplash

The Skin Walker

Was it Native American lore or was it real. Adrian Lampard was about to find out.

StuckFrank Cone/Pexels


Herman Desi loved life. When death came knocking he wasn’t ready to go. It was a problem that needed to be made right.

the sasquatch encounterImage by Scott A. Gese

The Sasquatch Encounter

Deep in the timber of the Pacific Northwest, a young man comes face to face with “Bigfoot”.

A Haunting at the Hotel GrandElifskies/Pexels

A Haunting at the Hotel Grand

A young mans dream vacation turns into a nightmare that will stay with him longer than he anticipated.

The Lady in the LakeJeffrey Eisen/Pexels

The Lady in the Lake

It was a week long vacation that would last much longer than expected.

Mystery-of-a-Future-Time-Heather-Zabriskie-unsplashHeather Zabriskie/Unsplash

Mystery of a Future Time

He was missing ten years of his life. Getting it back would take a leap of faith.

caught in the storm

Caught in the Storm

A fun day of skiing turns ugly. Now it was a matter of survival.

stairway to hellPexels/Pixabay

Stairway to Hell

The stairwell to the sixth floor was more than he could handle.

MissingGut Böckel, Rödinghausen/Wikimedia Commons


His wife was missing. He didn’t know what the hell was going on… until he got the call.

Hill House Treasure16081684/Pixabay

Hill House Treasure

It was an unexpected find. It changed his life forever.

He lived a palatial lifestyle in Sherman, Texas. According to his neighbors, he didn’t seem to work for a living. They were all curious about where he was getting his money.

the wedding dress curseCottonbro/Pexels

The Wedding Dress Curse

The cursed dress had been in the family for years. The young woman who now wore it knew the story, but she didn’t believe it… until it was too late.

Gigi and her mother were digging through an old trunk in the attic when she found it. “Oh mom, this is beautiful,” remarked Gigi as she held the wedding dress up for a closer look.

A Hero From the HereafterAnna Schvets/Pexels

A Hero From the Hereafter

The situation looked hopeless until a young firefighter came to the rescue.

They were advised to take the west side stairs and start making their way down to the ground. The fire department was on the way.

The Devils Revenge imageImage by XEGXEF/Pixabay

The Devil's Revenge 

Turning down the offer was one thing, but telling him to go fuck himself was just a bad idea.

As he stood gazing out at the scene he thought to himself, “I’m living an exceptional life. I don’t want it to ever end.”

A nightmare too real-imageDominik Schroder/Unsplash

A Nightmare Too Real

He knew he was dreaming but the blood was real. What sort of nightmare was he caught up in.

Oswald Cleaver woke up in a cold sweat. He was dripping wet, breathing heavy and shaking with fear.

pawn shop imageMike Salvucci / Wikimedia Commons

The Eraser

If you wanted to disappear, there was once a man who could do it for you.

It was one of the most interesting business cards he had ever seen.

THE ERASER-I can make you disappear.  

Door image

The Basement Dweller

Something was down there and it needed to go.

“We need to sell this house and get the hell out of here. I can’t take any more of this.”

The pounding and the scratching on the basement door became louder.

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