Start Your Day Focused on Success
by Scott A. Gese

Your day starts before your feet hit the floor. How you can create a successful day before you even get out of bed.

start your day focused on successClaudio Scott/Pixabay

Early morning light. It seeps in past the edges of the drawn curtains. Your brain registers this light and begins its business of waking you up for the day. It’s an amazing process that includes the manufacture of wake-promoting chemicals including serotonin, dopamine, glutamate and others.

You begin to stir. Your brain waves start to change. You begin coming out of Delta sleep and start moving into the relaxed state of Alpha. The Alpha brain wave is the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. Your brain is beginning to wake you up.

You may not realize it, but your day has already begun. Don’t let the moment slip away. Use it to your advantage. Use it to prepare your mind for a successful day.

Keep your mind quiet and pay attention to those waking moments

Moving into Alpha creates a moment in time when you are between sleep and wakefulness. This is the time when you may receive clarity on a problem or situation in your life. Aside from meditation, this is a time when most Ah-Ha moments reveal themselves. Stay quiet, relax and enjoy what comes your way.

Start your day by giving thanks

You don’t need to be religious to give thanks. Religion doesn’t have a lock on gratitude. As long as you wake up in the morning with life in your bones, you can be grateful for the day. Give thanks to who or whatever you believe in for another day to improve upon the life you’ve been given.

Being grateful for the day ahead moves you into a more positive frame of mind and helps to set you up for success.

Set your intentions for the day

An intention is a targeted thought, defined as, a plan of purpose or action that will lead to a desired outcome. Intentions set in these waking moments, when you are still in Alpha, help to bring coherence to your day without the interference of mind chatter. An intention will give your day some clarity and help you move in a purposeful direction.

Successful people set intentions. They know where their day will take them because they start it focused on what they plan to accomplish.

Side Note:

If you can relate to quantum physics, it’s believed that intentions set with the proper emotions can actually influence matter. Thoughts are energy, and this energy has the ability to influence things. Thoughts can influence physical reality. Through your thoughts, you effectively become a creator of your own reality.

Enough said. Quantum Physics is an interesting subject, but it goes well beyond the scope of this article.

Don’t let your mind chatter get the upper hand

If you let your mind begin to chatter as soon as you wake up, you will rapidly move out of Alpha and into Beta. When this happens, you’ve lost your chance to intentionally begin your day geared toward success. If this is your daily pattern, you’re losing out on the perfect opportunity to start your day on a positive note.

These above suggestions should take place as you first begin to awaken.

Most people don’t come close to following a routine like this, or any meaningful morning routine for that matter. Most begin their day with a rude wake-up call from a blaring alarm clock. They’re torn from their sleep. Their first thought and first mood of the day is usually a negative one. Now that they’re awake, they start going over their daily to do list.

They think of the places they don’t want to go and the meetings they don’t want to attend. They jump directly from Delta to the survival mode of Beta as they begin to stress about their day. Alpha doesn’t stand a chance.

Their mind begins to chatter, usually complaining about their physical ailments, lousy job, the fight they had last night with their spouse and all the negative things they don’t want to deal with. They climb out of bed in a lousy mood and begin their day in a shitty state of mind.

Here are two things I highly recommend:

Wake up to a soothing alarm

If you wake to an alarm, choose one with a soothing natural sound that starts out softly and gets progressively louder. A gentle, natural wake-up will help keep you in Alpha. After you give thanks and set your intentions, you’re ready to start your day on a more positive note.

A daily routine of morning meditation

Once you’re up and out of bed, one of your first events of the day should be a few minutes of meditation.

Meditation is best done in the morning, before you find yourself in full Beta.

Meditation helps you start your day in a more relaxed and coherent state of mind. It sets you up to handle or even eliminate the stress of your day. Less stress keeps your body and mind healthy. Be it a work life or retirement life, this morning routine puts you on the proper path toward your quest to have a successful day and a successful life.

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